August 28, 2014

Waiting For October: Polaris at Lincoln Hall.

Any nineties kid will remember the snarky brothers Pete from the Nickelodeon television series The Adventures of Pete and Pete; this was a time before cell phones and email, before iTunes libraries full of pirated music. These were the days when digital meant compact disc; when combat boots and flannel were cool amongst the counter-culture (for the first time). This was also when indie rock first entered into the mainstream adolescent consciousness, aided and abetted by indie rockers Miracle Legion - renamed Polaris for the show, and serving up the soundtrack to the Petes' many (mis)adventures.

Polaris - comprised of Miracle Legion's Mark "Muggy" Mulcahy, Dave "Jersey" McCaffrey, and Scott "Harris Polaris" Boutier - have ensnared many more fans throughout the years following the show's air than the younger Pete could have ever dreamed as he stood paralyzed by the hypnotic, jangly, three-chorded power-pop riffage of "Summerbaby"; undoubtedly, they have captured a sizable niche of echo boomers who - much like young Pete - just happened to be in the right place at the right time (in front of their television sets as those legendary opening words, "Hey smilin' strange / you're lookin' happily deranged," smashed through the windshield of the pop-culture bandwagon). The proof is here at last, after nearly two decades: Polaris - the band that once only lived in your TV - is coming to a concert hall near you.

Muggy, Jersey, and Harris Polaris will be performing live for the first time...well, ever (outside Wellsville, that is) Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Sunday, October 26th at 8 PM. We hear an EP featuring new Polaris tunes will appear soon, as well. I, for one, will be "Waiting for October" like "nobody knows, nobody knows..."

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