April 26, 2014

Joel Mattern: The Wrecker.

A summery new release for the impending season. This two-song single's title track is up for inclusion on TuneCore's Choose Independence compilation, so be hopeful and on the lookout! The new single is currently available for $2 on my BandCamp page. Give it a listen (through a good set of speakers or phones - LOUD).

April 24, 2014

Deerhoof @ Langlab.

San Francisco art rock four-piece Deerhoof take over South Bend's Langlab! Don't be a dog on the sidewalk - come out and see this amazing band in action! Show starts at 7 PM, featuring Awkwafina and Celestial Shore, as well as South Bend natives The Rutabega. Visit www.langlabsb.com for details/tickets.

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