October 27, 2013

Jim O'Rourke: "Steamroom 1".

Consisting of two instrumental tracks exploring O'Rourke's ongoing sonic experimentation, Steamroom 1 offers plenty for fans of ambient/minimalist drone - but decidedly little for fans of O'Rourke's signature, guitar-driven brand of chamber folk-rock a la Eureka or Insignificance.

Recorded at Steamroom Tokyo as part of an ongoing series of previously-unreleased material, Steamroom 1 comprises droning organs and feedbacking electric guitars in two lengthy installments - "Falling Wall" and "Previous Wall". The former slowly gains in volume amidst a sparse melange of guitar swells and organ drone, while the latter utilizes a single, repetitive octave shift in creating what might otherwise be misconstrued as a "melody" by O'Rourke's more mainstream followers. The resultant whole is an unorganized and self-serving sonic mutant of an album from our most beloved and humble X-Man of the indie rock scene, which doesn't at all mean there is anything here not to thoroughly enjoy.

Here's to O'Rourke's celebrated return; we look forward with possibly too much enthusiasm to hearing the remaining eight volumes of this mysterious series!

✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✩✩✩ | 7/10

Jim O'Rourke - Steamroom 1
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