March 22, 2012

Younger: "New Message".

Equal parts Anathallo and Unwed Sailor, Younger moves into territory with hushed, rolling electronic soundscapes and cacophonous climaxes, all while pondering the fundamental question: what is the meaning of meaning?

That might itself be the out-and-out posterchild of all hipster pretenses, but the music (luckily) bypasses such needless over-analysis, becoming an answer to the question in and of itself: meaning is dynamic, ever-changing according to region, personality, affiliation. Meaning is something given, something created, something improvised in the moment. In just such a way, the movements comprising this release shed a sunbeam or two of new light on the nature of meaning in sound. For fans of Gas, Yume Bitsu and William Basinski. LP out now on Positive Beat records. Thanks to Michael Hunter for release info.

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