January 10, 2012

Wooden Shjips: "Remixes" 12'.

If you haven't yet heard 2011's West by the enigmatic Wooden Shjips...well, perhaps that's what resolutions are for. I'd proffer my vote for 2011's best release to the trance-inducing hypnotism-on-wax that is West.

But, that's me.

Playing rather seamlessly, West's Ian McCulloch-meets-Low-meets-Johnny Cash aesthetic finds true love in space rock's droning, repetitious frontier, boosting Wooden Shjips to the forefront of the subgenre and offering more proof that innovation is really only reformation in disguise. It's everything we loved about The Meat Puppets, and everything we wished Failure could have been. I'm sure I'll change my mind about that sentiment eventually.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to receive notice of this little collection of remixes by such notables as Andrew Weatherall, Kandodo (Simon Price of The Heads) and Sonic Boom.

As if West wasn't trippy enough. This should be mind-blowing.

The 12" is set to drop on February 21st from Thrill Jockey records. It's available for preorder here.
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