March 24, 2011

Joel Mattern: "Pool With Electronic".

UPDATE 3/24/11: Here it is - the long-unanticipated fourth solo release by Joel Mattern, featuring some quite lovely artwork by the talented and beautiful miss Robyn Shesterniak. Twelve krauty, creepy, eccentric, self-indulgent works of aural art for your listening pleasure. Available on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Rhapsody. Don't say I never did anything for ya's.

And here's a friggin' video for "Space C's".

Space C's from Joel Mattern on Vimeo.

Brian Eno: "Ambient 1: Music For Airports".

The perfect contrast to a busy, claustrophobic airport experience. There is no sense of urgency here; there are no queues, no angry customers disputing layovers and delays. What a delightful inconsistancy inherent in the so-called birth album of ambient music. We're floating...we're floating and falling, and nothing really seems to matter. There is also a very real sense of despair that clings to the bare and brittle drones, and leaves you reminiscent and thankful, simultaneously. If nature was a musician, this would be its masterpiece.

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