September 22, 2011

Chicagonanigans: Sam Prekop w/ Laetitia Sadier and Daniel Higgs.

Sam Prekop is performing this weekend in Chicago, with Stereolab/Monade front woman Laetitia Sadier! We chatted with Laetitia early this year, in promotion of her debut solo record The Trip. She passed along a warm hello to Sam and the gang at the time... little did we all know she'd soon collaborate once again with the man himself!

Sam will be performing his modular synthesizer material, as heard on last year's Old Punch Card album, for only the second time. His first performance of this material was at June's Neon Marshmallow Festival (video below).

Also performing this weekend at the Empty Bottle, Daniel Higgs of Lungfish fame.

September 21, 2011

Reels: "Dois".

What do Krautrock and Samba de Brasil have in common? Reels.

2012's Dois showcases some rather obscure Samba from militant Brazil in the 60s, including Izio Gross, Alberto Mota and Neyde Fraga, and Bola Sete, alongside - often interwoven with - original blues-tinged guitar leads, percussion and vocals, allowing an altogether original take on the Mashup, Garagerock and Krautrock subgenres. The album is being offered free of charge here on KLLK.

Did we mention it's extremely danceable? Well, it is. You've been warned.

Reels - Dois

April 1, 2011

The Sea And Cake: "The Moonlight Butterfly".

The Windy City's breezy darlings The Sea and Cake are back in action - although, you could hardly call each member's art careers, solo musical outputs and production work inaction. Sam recently released a magnificent, bubbly synthesized dream scape of a record, entitled Old Punch Card, Archer and Eric have been busy drawing and painting, and John is, well, John - engineer/producer extraordinaire. Nevertheless, the quartet have regrouped, and more than that, have broken new ground.

Recorded at drummer John McEntire's Soma Studios in Chicago, The Moonlight Butterfly is The Sea and Cake's ninth full-length studio offering. It has been dubbed a "mini album", however, due to its six-song arrangement of somewhat lengthier, heavily instrumental music, building on what began with The Fawn's synth-heavy electro-jazz, continued on to Oui's lusher arrangements and synthesized undertones and culminated in the jagged, sparse electronic experimentation of Sam Prekop's most recent solo effort, Old Punch Card.

The Sea and Cake are known for their "disappearing act"; their last release was 2008's Car Alarm, the sound-searching follow-up to 2007's more straightforward jazz-rock record Everybody. You just won't meet a more devoted or enthusiastic fan than a Sea and Cake fan, and despite the band's penchant for the hiatus, the generous thanks they give their fans through blocks of heavy touring, prolific output spanning the course of one year and a constantly-evolving sound that never impedes upon their signature instrumental interplay and summery atmosphere is more than enough to sustain the band's next extended absence.

The Moonlight Butterfly is slated for release on May 10th, 2011 from Chicago's fabulous Thrill Jockey records. They're already working on another full-length scheduled for late 2011 release. For more information regarding the band and the release, as well as upcoming tour dates, please visit

Currents/Kanyons: "Pisces Party" Re-release.

UPDATE 3/28/11: Currents/Kanyons has re-released the Pisces Party EP, originally containing outtakes from 2010's Rip Duck, as a full-length featuring the original four tracks, a few new tracks and a couple from the archives.

The album is highly diversified stylistically, as with Rip Duck, calling on the same pounding, Can-esque drums and Latin-flavored guitar prevalent in its most recent predecessor and companion LP.

The album could be considered "Rip Duck Pt. II", although Pisces Party plays a bit more friendly with the listener. Download the album for free per the link below!

Currents/Kanyons - Pisces Party

March 24, 2011

Joel Mattern: "Pool With Electronic".

UPDATE 3/24/11: Here it is - the long-unanticipated fourth solo release by Joel Mattern, featuring some quite lovely artwork by the talented and beautiful miss Robyn Shesterniak. Twelve krauty, creepy, eccentric, self-indulgent works of aural art for your listening pleasure. Available on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Rhapsody. Don't say I never did anything for ya's.

And here's a friggin' video for "Space C's".

Space C's from Joel Mattern on Vimeo.

Brian Eno: "Ambient 1: Music For Airports".

The perfect contrast to a busy, claustrophobic airport experience. There is no sense of urgency here; there are no queues, no angry customers disputing layovers and delays. What a delightful inconsistancy inherent in the so-called birth album of ambient music. We're floating...we're floating and falling, and nothing really seems to matter. There is also a very real sense of despair that clings to the bare and brittle drones, and leaves you reminiscent and thankful, simultaneously. If nature was a musician, this would be its masterpiece.

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