November 16, 2010

How To Listen To The Beatles.

On November 15, 2010, Apple teased the internet with a special announcement:

iPad iOS 4? A new line of 3G MacBooks? The first Macintosh-powered consumer vehicle?? Oh the possibilities. As it turns out, the secret unveiled was much better than all of these things combined:

Note the sarcasm.

For an extremely innovative, forward-thinking enterprise such as Apple, the release of the back-catalog of a band that, to some extent, invented modern rock music is just a bit of a step backward - and a ridiculous one at that. It's also a bit arrogant, as Apple appears to think they've re-invented the band and effectively branded them as Apple products (go to the Apple site and have a look for yourself; see how the visual you are greeted with strikes you).

Do yourself and the Beatles a favor: visit your local record reseller and buy a Beatles LP for $10. Not only will you have a timeless piece of memorabilia and a pure representation of the music and the era of its release, but you'll be supporting local business as well. For that, the Beatles would applaud you.
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