June 7, 2010

Currents/Kanyons: "Rip Duck".

2010's been good to me, as far as inspiration goes. Currents/Kanyons (er...me) has released the follow-up to 2009's Whistles Chimes Birds Leaves Wind, being the seedy anti-pop experiment lovingly titled Rip Duck. I know...you're just jealous you couldn't possibly imagine a more brilliantly obscure album title...

Rip Duck is some sort of (musical) answer to many questions I've been pondering as of late; namely, what would a lo-fi rock-meets-Tropicália-meets-avant-horror/sci-fi-meets-krautrock with a bluesy twist album sound like...and how many Tums would it require in sitting through it? Luckily, none. I think I've done something unique here.

The album's odd title - a term used in competitive sports circles, especially Lacrosse, which means something along the lines of "nice shot" - might not be as intentionally misleading as one might think; As I said, I've done something unique here. This isn't perfect - hell, what is? - but it's one hell of a nice shot. Let's just say I'm pleased. I hope you are as well. It's free and available to all, as always.

Currents/Kanyons - Rip Duck
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