December 9, 2009

The Fiery Furnaces: "Even In The Rain" Video.

The Fiery Furnaces - Even in the Rain from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

December 7, 2009

Joel Mattern: "The New You".

Another year-long project completed (or given up on...your pick). Download available per the link below.

1) Strings As They Vibrate Create You And I (2:54)
2) The Seam (2:59)
3) Headlight (2:31)
4) Hundreds Of Horses (2:51)
5) Letters, Stories (3:05)
6) My Guy Ike (4:23)
7) Valsa (Como São Lindos Os Youguis) (3:23)
8) If You Could Outshine... (8:08)

Joel Mattern - The New You

December 4, 2009

The Fiery Furnaces Do The Fiery Furnaces (And Chicago).

The Fiery Furnaces' Matt and Eleanor Friedberger have been busy. Having recently released their seventh full-length album, I'm Going Away, the duo returns with a completely reworked version of the album - appropriately titled Take Me Round Again, available now on Thrill Jockey records.

The Friedbergers begin their winter tour in mid-December, with a short stint in Chicago at Schubas on the 30th and Lincoln Hall on the 31st. Don't miss these two in action!

Here's a track off The Fiery Furnaces' new album Take Me Round Again, for your listening pleasure.

>>"Keep Me In The Dark" - Eleanor Friedberger Version

December 1, 2009

Currents/Kanyons: "Whistles Chimes Birds Leaves Wind".

New Currents/Kanyons out now! Whistles Chimes Birds Leaves Wind, possibly the first album recorded almost entirely using the Apple iPhone's 4Track app, sparkles with rich ambience, charming room noise and layered acoustic guitars, creating a surprisingly earthy, organic recording using purely digital equipment. The album is available as a free download; click the link below to obtain a copy.


1) 1.08.49 (1:17)
2) Slip (2:38)
3) Stay Home (1:43)
4) Nobody Writes (3:43)
5) Six Figures (3:01)
6) Driving Song #2 (1:54)
7) Beauty (You're So Negative) (3:53)
8) #35 (12:08)
9) Bastion C (11:49)
10) The Weight (2:03)

Currents/Kanyons - Whistles Chimes Birds Leaves Wind

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