November 20, 2009

World's Greatest Ghosts: "No Magic".

Holy Tilly and the Wall, guys.

Portland's World's Greatest Ghosts' newest record, No Magic, serves simply as the fresh IV bag feeding the increasingly tasteless indie rock scene. Lots of gritty guitar by some bearded gentleman who hasn't quite mastered his bends (how DIY!), bubbly and fuzzy synths which the Willamette Week attributes to "a synth-rock wet dream that gets better with every listen", purposefully ill-timed vocals and backup vocals, and a growing trend that I find especially unsettling among these indie kids as of late - a kick-ass cover. It's really pretty gorgeous.

Despite these (typical) drawbacks (of most indie rock circa 2008 - 09 in general), the album does relish in its sunshiny, anti-climactic delivery of said unspectacular ingredients - just a little less annoying than that tremendously irritating fad among post-emo rockers like the Arcade Fire to drown the listener in gothic depression and prozac-ology, to the point of creative stagnation and inner decay, utilizing these same main ingredients (plus or minus a horn and a violin here and there).

A good effort, ultimately, by a young band with a little too much devotion to their respective scene. If you're a fan of that little glass of water at dinner that you never end up drinking from, you'll love No Magic. Out now on Lucky Madison Records.

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