October 9, 2009

The Notwist: "Sturm".

Having soundtracked German director Hans-Christian Schmid's film Lichter in 2003, The Notwist return to their collaborative work with Schmid on his 2009 film Storm, along with Alien Transistor labelmates Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, producing 2009's dark, ambient Sturm. Released on the Alien Transistor label, the album is packaged as a 12" LP + CD + book, featuring some genuinely gorgeous, though coldly metallic and sharp-edged, instrumental pieces and artwork.

Sturm's blurting and mysterious, horn-driven opener, "Vilina Kosa Version", immediately sets the mood for a villainous and troubled storyline, with no prior knowledge of the film's subject or plot necessary; in essence, the film focuses on the war crimes surrounding a Croation Politician (played by Drazen Kühn) and the attorney in charge of his prosecution (Kerry Fox).

The soundtrack stands wonderfully apart from the film as a Notwist release, though a bit sparse and, as previously noted, very cold and alienating; the only track that is somewhat recognizable as a Notwist tune is the comfortably-glitchy "Storm 1", a Lali Puna-esque instrumental featuring pulsating glockenspiel and unsettling ambient drones, heightening the subtle mysteries and suspense of its motion picture counterpart.

Sturm can be purchased in the UK from Alien Transistor. Schmid's Storm is due in US box-offices in late fall of 2009.

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