August 26, 2009

RIP Radley.

I received the following in an e-mail from Chicago venue The Empty Bottle yesterday evening; sadly, the time has come that we must say farewell to our favorite mascot and drinking buddy, Mr. Radley. May you rest in peace.

Dateline – 8/25/09

Dearly Beloved,

I write to you today to eulogize our friend, confidant, and favorite feline Radley. Today this 25thday of August at 2:32 pm, Radley finally succumbed to the ills of the hard rockin lifestyle he lived. For these last 16 years, you could find Radley roaming the friendly confines of the Empty Bottle. Slinking across the bar to catch a sip of your beverage, or cuddling with you on the couch. He never judged you when you drank, and was always there to lend a furry shoulder. You were never alone when Radley was around. Many a drummer have been reminded that they were playing in Radley's house. To the bands that returned him home when found hiding in their van, to the concerned customers who carried him home when he roamed the streets. To the loving family members who cared for him over the years, to his medical team that helped ease his pain. The cat with the mouse tattoo in his ear was truly our friend.

Today is truly a sad day in Empty Bottle history. Radley has outlasted his brothers and sisters Scout, Boo, Gem, Finch, Atticus, and Bob.

Donations should be made to the American Liver Foundation – 312-377-9030.

Me & Radley:

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