February 24, 2009

Thank You, And Good Night: An Evening With Thank You.

Large, warehouse-type space; dingy, scuffed wood flooring and DIY-chic paint job; floor kit, riser kit and four large monitors, lit by warm red spotlights; this is the scene my notebook painted as the first act took the...um...floor, opening for Baltimore's Post-Kraut trio Thank You. Shred Aquarium quirkily clamors to life, sounding something like Bill Frisell's Naked City days, bringing only a meandering, overdrive-laden guitar and rolling toms and snares to the Post-Rock equation that all too often requires nearly three times as many warm bodies. Between songs, it appears as though the duo is naming their tunes spontaneously - as if the tunes might write themselves to life; "This next song is called...Abada Abada Abada SHREK!". The clumsy rock proceeds. Shred Aquarium gives up the floor to Mi Ami, a Post-Punk/Shoegaze quartet from Cali. After berating half the crowd for squatting, the group explodes into a tumultuous conglomeration of shrieks, squeals, fuzz-wah bass and Dance-Punk drums. Around 9pm CST, Thank You takes the stage, joking with the crowd as they calibrate their organs, guitars, jingle bells and gym whistles. The group opens with "Empty Legs", the opening track from 2008'sTerrible Two, which chugs along at the mercy of a driving drum beat before erupting into a buzzy guitar opus. Chicago's West Suburbs rattle through the foggy windows of the AV-aerie as Thank You pounds out each tune mercilessly, abruptly closing with the skittering "Pregnant Friends" and wishing all a pleasant evening. The trio of Michael Bouyoucas, Jeffrey McGrath and Elke Wardlaw celebrate the release of their third LP, and first on Chicago's Thrill Jockey label. For more Thank You tour dates, check www.thrilljockey.com.
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