February 1, 2009

Kitty Digs Podcasts.

It's official - kidslooklikekats.com is now available via Podcast! I've submitted the introductory episode to the iTunes Music Store, so keep checking the website or iTunes for updates and new Podcasts! The Podcast will be a basic reiteration of each album or music review I post here on the site, but with a bit more detail into my opinion - plus any additional comments or ideas I may feel the need to express. I'll be giving a more detailed description of each week's Kitty Digs as well as some insight into what's to come in future updates and posts. There will be many more features added in over time as I become more comfortable and more focused on the Podcast - perhaps some artist interviews and such, and possibly even some live music that you would otherwise miss entirely.

Until the Podcast is available through the iTunes Store, here is a link to the introductory episode, which will give you a taste of what's to come and what to expect as the show progresses. You may click on the link directly or copy + paste it into iTunes to add the episode to your Podcast library. Feedback is welcome, as always!

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