August 4, 2008

Skyscraper #28.

Skyscraper #28 is out! This summer's issue sees articles and artist reviews on Melvins, Oneida, Russian Circles, Crystal Castles, Genghis Tron, Au, and Wolf Parade - and the up-and-coming Night Wounds. The cover art, by Justin Walsh, is beautiful, as usual. I haven't finished the Spring issue yet, so I've only gotten through the first few articles, but so far, the artists have been interestingly fresh and diverse; the most buzzworthy in my mind are Crystal Castles, a duet that crams loopy electro-pop synth riffs into jagged post-punk song structures, not necessarily keeping any sort of healthy regard for the consequences thereof, as well as Genghis Tron - possibly the very first drummer-less metal band. As always, there's a massive a-to-z list of reviews, my favorite section of this unparalleled little quarterly mag. Hopefully, by the time I'm through with this, the fall issue of Copper Press will be out. Pick up a copy asap!
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