August 9, 2008

King Khan & The Shrines: "The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines"

King Khan & His Shrines - The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the ShrinesI happened across an article covering King Khan & The Shrines, and my intrigue was sparked; a Canadian-born Indian, living and working out of Germany? Once you're hit with that first taste of his music, being a (unique?) pastiche of James Brown soul and Jimi Hendrix rock, as well as The Temptations and various doo wop inspirations, the joke gets even funnier; where did this guy come from?? More importantly, in King Khan's eyes, What Is ?! King Khan & The Shrines? The influences burn a hole through the music like the sun through a magnifying glass, but somehow the responsible parties manage only to bask in the glow; there is an undeniable soul to these songs comprising 2008's compilation of selected tracks from 2004's Mr. Supernatural and 2007's What Is ?!. Pastiche is a fancy word that only non-artists use...ahem...and Khan is in no mood to hear it; you shall be assaulted with lo-fi garage rock until the (sacred) cows come home.

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