August 15, 2008

The Best Records You Can't Buy In A Record Store (Part 3).

And now for part 3 of "The Best Records You Can't Find In A Record Store".

8. Low - The Curtain Hits the Cast: Low, the Duluth trio responsible for some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful slowcore ballads around, created quite a haunting album here. Mimi Parker's ghostly vocals howl through the dejected sonic soundscapes of "Anon" and "Coattails", while the band shows off their supreme harmonizing ability in "Do You Know How to Waltz?" and "Stars Gone Out", which appropriately describes their music in the lyrics; "even though the stars have gone out, they're not gone - you can hear them dying." Quite true, and Low is just that sound.
9. The Notwist - 12/Loup: Of all of The Notwist's kraut-tronic delights, this, their earliest sampling of the coming Neon Golden sound, is among the most underrated and under appreciated. While I prefer 1998's Shrink over 12, this record is undeniably great in that it is the "about-face" the band boldly made after releasing the nearly-unlistenable hardcore/metal predecessors The Notwist (1990) and Nook (1992). Without 12, who knows where they'd be now. I'd rather not think about that, in all honesty.
10. Archer Prewitt - White Sky: Blaring brass ensembles, soaring string arrangments, and gritty country-fried guitar twinkles; Prewitt, lead guitarist of The Sea and Cake and ex-Coctail, leads us happily by the hand through his sunny musical wonderland, and once we're seated comfortably atop a hay bail, serenades us with his southern-tinged pop that warms the heart and soul like the promise of a brand new day. White Sky is refreshingly straight-forward and easily enjoyable, though there isn't much room for thought; take it at surface level, and especially in one of your better moods.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'm not saying I'm through with this series, but it's easy to become bombarded with too much musical goodness - and that is not something I want anyone to have to go through. Take your time, really explore some of these albums - that is, if you can find them (Amazon should have all of these albums). Happy listening!

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