April 18, 2008

Avant-Rock Will Effectively Quash The Travesty That Is Modern Rock.

A new day, a new playlist. Ready for a little avant-rock? It's been a while for me since I visited the earthy, krauty grooves of Can, so I give to myself and to you Can's "Spoon", a revered track off of the highly seminal album Ege Bamyasi. As any avant-rock fan should expect of a good avant-garde mix, Captain Beefheart appears with his Magic Band, and the track "Ella Guru", from probably the most heatedly controversial album in rock history, Trout Mask Replica. First off, however, we visit the underground avant-garde masters that are Sun City Girls. The selected track, "Journey To The Center Of The Mind" from Volume 7 of the wonderfully wacky Carnival Folklore Resurrection, a collection of nearly every style of music imaginable, and a few they seemed to fuse out of the pits of their own collective creativity. Deerhunter's "Heatherwood" from the critically-acclaimed album Cryptograms, is next in line and really showcases the band's ambient-punk sound (I highly recommend Cryptograms and it's traveling companion, Fluorescent Grey). From Deerhunter to Deerhoof, we get off on an altogether different "hoof" with "The Galaxist", track 4 off of one of 2007's best indie avant-rock records, Friend Opportunity. Do Make Say Think brings us their slowly-building ambient post-folk offering, "A Tender History In Rust", from their newest release You, You're A History In Rust. Shalabi Effect's "Pai Nai", from the album Unfortunately, fuses middle-eastern, homophonic texture with lo-fi recording technique and punk rock, a slight step out of line for Shalabi Effect's usually consistent usage of the Oud and the Arabic scale. Oneida brings us back to our rock roots with "Lavender", off of 2005's The Wedding, and Lambchop wraps it up with their easy-listening sensibility in "Up With People", from the album Nixon. I love the gospel choir towards the end.

I was originally planning on including Magma's "Ima Suri Dondai", but it seemed slightly out of place. Have no fear; it will appear in another playlist, undoubtedly. I may showcase the French Zeuhl masters with an honorary "best of" playlist someday.

Well, that's about it, I guess. Life has been good lately, although I have had some fairly distressing moments of heart-stabbing nostalgia as of late. It's nothing I can't handle...it just seems to get out of hand every so often. Self-control is the bull, and I am the...rodeo clown.
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