October 23, 2007

Nick Drake: "Pink Moon" (1972)

Once upon a time, life was different. People were not busy-bodies flying from one job to the next, from one love to another. People pined. People mourned. Nick Drake was one of those people. He might have been a bit of a mess, a bit spoiled, and a tad anti-social, but I see a trend...all the brilliant ones are. I've never been more moved by a biography of another person's life than Nick's. His life was short, he died when he was 26; he was nothing at all special during his lifetime. He was afraid to perform live, one of the many similarities I share with him. I was encouraged to know that true genius, true brilliance does not become actualized only under the spotlight. That being said, the eleven short songs collected on Pink Moon are all short and sweet, and not a one fails to convey a sliver of real life, of the artist's life. I can see Nick huddled in the corner of his dingy bedroom, softly singing to himself as he looks out the window upon the world he has closed himself off from. I have spent many hours in my own room, writing songs drenched in my own pains and sorrows, and a few joys. The soul pours out the negative, and retains the good things. I won't go into a song-by-song review of the album, because I don't feel right criticizing this album in any way. This is one man's interpretation and stuggle with the world he lived in. There is no need to judge that.

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