September 17, 2007

The Montauk Project

I've got this killer idea rolling around the old noggin. It's a story/screenplay idea loosely based on the 1980's Montauk project and its convergence with Project Rainbow, more commonly known as "The Philadelphia Experiment". In sticking to my usual writing style, I plan on incorporating some tightly-knit character bonds, which almost always results in a fairly interesting layer of dialogue throughout. So yes, I plan on writing a thriller with a sci-fi/government conspiracy/cover-up theme to it. Here is a small, random snippet of some of the dialogue from the story thus far.

T finally removed the sunglasses from his face, revealing two beady brown eyes flecked with green, brooding, yet puzzlingly constrained. “Tell me again…the man behind the tree was wearing…”
“Warm-up,” I said through a mouthful of hummus. “Why, do you think there’s something to it?”
“Close your mouth and chew your food, Stephen,” he said, clearly a bit disgusted with my eating habits and/or etiquette (or lack thereof). “Just getting the details.”

Just imagine Eddie Kaye Thomas as the british conspiracist (Silent) T and you're there.
More to come.
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