September 14, 2007

Animal Collective: "Strawberry Jam" (2007)

Animal Collective is back with their follow-up to 2005's Feels, and from first listen, it seems as though the four have once again stuck to their tried-and-true, "always never the same" approach; this album is seemingly rocketing away from Feels, rendering any comparisons therefore useless and just plain tacky. This album proves that music listeners/reviewers need to adapt a new method when dynamic albums, like this, come along; we need to learn to judge the music based on what's there, not on what isn't. Let's not turn a decent review into a snobfest. Regardless of how you choose to approach this release, you're undoubtedly going to find something worth remembering; such an extreme, experimental album as this will not leave the listener spacing out into la-la-land. I have yet to listen to this in its entirety, but so far I am very intrigued. More to come.
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