May 16, 2007

Who Needs Sleep?

Nights are lousy these days. What with my wife getting up constantly with cramps, swelling, hunger pangs, and a baby camping out on her bladder, I might as well be pregnant as well. We had a bit of a storm here last night as well, although all it really did was blow stuff around and look really ominous. Everyone at the office was freaked out because the power went off for about 2.2 seconds. They were all on their cell phones, I'm guessing arranging rides from their spouses to pick them up (I'm still trying to make sense of that), and as I started walking out, I got the obvious stated to me more than twice. "There's a tornado!" First of all, there was a tornado watch, which means there had been reports of tornado sightings, not that a tornado was on its way or even likely. Second, if there is a tornado on its way, why are we all standing around waiting for it? When I left yesterday at 5:15, the only visible signs of a storm were the dark, brooding storm clouds, dust spinning in circles, and some fairly strong wind gusts. I could visibly see it getting worse as I walked to my car. What was everyone waiting for...a tornado?? I'd rather be at home than stranded at work in a storm, but that's just me. Anyway, that was my evening. So, needless to say, my walk got cancelled. Maybe tonight. Maybe not. Who knows.
So I'm becoming more and more intrigued lately with Yume Bitsu's The Golden Vessyl Of Sound, and find myself wanting to hear more. This is a general trend with me; I will discover an artist, give them a good couple of days worth of listens, then shelf them and forget about them until a month, maybe two months, maybe longer, rolls by and I rediscover and finally begin to accumulate interest in them. Why is this? It's because life is reciprocal. What goes around comes around, continuously. Life is a circuit, so naturally, everything is governed by that same principal. It's fun to see it in action in my life, but that's just me. I notice those things. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else thinks at all like me, but then at the same time, I can't even imagine that. That would be incredible, because I think about alot of strange, unnecessary things, and sometimes it even scares me, but you know what...the human mind has a mind of its own; my subconscious seems to have quite the imagination.
So back to the beginning...who needs sleep when you're constantly pouring over your every thought, picking it to its barest of bare bones?
I'm tired today.

May 15, 2007

Spring Along The River/Records Of Importance

It's been great weather here lately, and the wife and I have definitely taken advantage of it. We've been doing a lot of walking lately, along our favorite stretch of the East Race. I'm going walking tonight by myself, as she will be shopping with her mother, so I'm trying to put together a good mix to walk to. I think my favorite music to walk to is the heavily instrumental, lushly layered compositions of adam pierce's mice parade, but I also enjoy walking to anything from Stereolab to Sam Prekop, to Vetiver's self-titled indie/folk release. So far, my mix's line-up will include all of these and others. I seem to do my best thinking, my most life-altering thinking while I am walking alone. There's just something in the breezy evening air, or in the shady paths that wind along the river, that enhances that spark of creativity and enlightenment within me. I need to reclaim my walks, and chalk them up to a good summer this year. Last summer sucked, and I won't be seeing any of those things I went through ever again in my life, God willing. It's time to start living in the here-and-now, in the life I chose for myself at no one else's discretion. Life is great most of the time. My walks are proof of that.
But that's just the most recent of my past-times. One other just-as-recent new hobby of mine is building my record collection. You know, vinyls. Long-players. Dig it. My collection starters include The Sea and Cake's new album Everybody, Mark Mulcahy's hushed and enigmatic masterpiece SmileSunset, Miracle Legion's 1984 debut EP The Backyard, their 1987 release Surprise Surprise Surprise, Quasi's infamous Featuring "Birds", and Archer Prewitt's Three. Like I said, these are just my collection starters. I already have a long, long list of the LP's I will soon come to own. Some of the more notable of the bunch include Set Fire To Flames' second haunting orchestral release Telegraphs In Negative/Mouths Trapped In Static, Godspeed You Black Emperor!'s entire discography, Low's brilliant and beautiful Trust and Things We Lost In The Fire, and an undecided selection or two, or four, from Le Fly Pan Am's discography. I am also vehemently searching for The Sea And Cake's greatest release, as well as my personal favorite release of all time, The Biz, which is quite a feat considering its out-of-print status and rarity, therefore, and also its age, dating back to 1994-5. I believe I may have found a seller though, and though the price may be a bit lofty, I believe it to be worth it, as the album is a collector's item and simply important to me.
So anyway, there's my obsession of the year right there. I'll keep you all updated.

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