April 9, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things..

Here is yet another Monday, and today, I am not tired, I am not grumpy, and I am not depressed in any way. I have also become determined (at least for this day) not to let any of those things take over my willpower to have a good today, to prove that Mondays do not have to suck. I have many, many reasons to be happy. I am going to be a daddy in about 8 weeks, I am going to complete my MCP, MCSA and MCDST certifications, I have an incredibly wonderful and lovely wife, and The Sea And Cake are coming to Chicago!!!! Problem there is they are performing two days after my wife's due date, so I am not expecting to be able to go, I am merely thinking of it as a chance...I am praying that baby gets here before then!! I've been memorizing their new album Everybody...I mean, listening to clips from...(?)...just so I can become the best fan they have. It's not an obsession. Anyways, those are the good things on my mind these days. I hope everyone starts looking to the good in their own lives as well, because it's hard to be depressed when you aren't focusing on anything depressing.
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