February 23, 2007

I Love Fridays...

I am now acquiring a long-awaited collection completer, and a new release I have been anxious over since the summer, and I am beyond ecstatic! In other news this friday, Noma is a go tonight. John, Drew, Phil and I, beer, Asian/modern atmosphere...dig. Fast forward ten hours: operation basement drain will be in effect, and hopefully completed, and then I can begin growing back what's left of my patchy scalp once again, considering my hands are not in my hair due to some other stresser sure to come. Anyway, after the repair work, the wife and I are going to do some shopping and take a little day trip to get away from this place for a few hours, since winter in Northern Indiana feels like a cold straight-jacket...no spank you. It's good to get away every once in a weekend.
In completely unrelated news, I love Spring. I cannot begin to communicate my longing for green grass, little chirping birdies, and steaming piles of dog doo-doo...lovely, simply lovely. Winter gets this death grip, this choke hold that won't let up...it's like your annoying little brother who doesn't realize it was "funny the first time...". Yeah, well said.
It will be here soon enough, and yes, my son will be here towards the end of May! Brayden James Mattern the first, who already has quite the urban wardrobe amassing in my closet between the blazers and the jeans. This kid will be so spoiled...and that is not a bad thing. He's already got quite the ear for music as well...he dances everytime he hears my guitar, so it's pretty safe to say that daddy's musical heritage will live to see a new generation. All in all, it's an exciting, though admittedly scary, time in my and my wife's life. More to come.
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